About Us

Hills Home Dog Boarding is a dog boarding and day care service that specialises in small to medium dogs. It’s run by just the two of us, Jo and Stuart Hill.

We started Hills Home Dog Boarding in 2016 when we realised that there were very limited options if we wanted to go away. We hated the idea of our boys being penned up in a concrete kennel and thought that there has to be another option . We’re here to offer other dog owners the kind of service and care that we want for our own dogs.

We run our boarding service from home so that your dog can enjoy a comfortable stay in a relaxing, yet controlled environment, with plenty of attention and personalised care.

About Jo

Hi, I’m Jo and after many years of owning, fostering and rescuing German Shepherd Dogs, work and family circumstances dictated that, for some years, I couldn’t devote the time and commitment needed to owning my own dogs as I didn’t like leaving them alone for long periods of time.

That all changed three years ago when I began working from home and Stuart and I realised we had the time to dedicate to becoming dog owners once again. We first met Max and Rocco when they were boarding over the Christmas holidays with friends of ours, fell in love with them and decided that Cavapoos were the breed we wanted. A couple of months later we bought our “babies” home, four month old brothers, Dylan and Bailey. Just a few weeks later we found out that Max and Rocco were looking for a new home and, as they were the brothers we fell in love with, we just couldn’t say no and two became four!

We know from our own experience that working full-time and owning a dog can be difficult to juggle; you are always worried about them being left alone. That’s why we set up our day care service. I’m here at home all day giving your dog care and companionship – no dog is ever left on their own when they stay with us.
I am also a Director of the Association of Dog Boarders and as such, am fully up to date with all the current legislation regarding dog care.

About Stuart

Hi, I’m Stuart. I’ve also had many dogs over the years from little Heinz 57’s to Great Danes, so I’m well versed in looking after many different breeds of dog.  I currently work full time, so we always try to schedule our Meet & Greets after 4.30pm during the week or between 10am and 4pm on a weekend so you get the chance to meet the both of us.

After a hard day at work there is no better feeling than coming home to a houseful of dogs. Believe me, playtime and cuddles are the perfect way to de-stress!  Weekends fly by as there is always a game of tag going on in the garden while I’m pottering in my greenhouse.  I also enjoy taking photo’s of the dogs and I’m sure they enjoy being photographed as posing involves lots of treats.

Please note: We do not take any of the bull breeds or entire dogs (Male or Female) over the age of 9 months.