Covid-19 Update September 2020


Upon arrival please call/text 07736 519010.  We will open the side entrance for you and move behind the inner gate.  Please close and bolt the outer gate and then follow the instructions pinned up inside.  Please note that all surfaces and gate furniture will be disinfected before and after your visit. 

Due to the tighter restrictions being imposed by Sandwell Council, we request that face coverings be worn during the meet and greet. 

When invited through the inner gate, please keep your dog on a lead until we are all out in the garden. 

Upon leaving the above procedure will be carried out in reverse. 


Due to the tighter restrictions being imposed by Sandwell Council from 15th September 2020, we will now require face coverings to be worn when dropping off and collecting your dog. 

As you enter through the side entrance a sanitising station is situated to your left for your use along with further instructions on transferring your dog into our care. 

Many thanks for your consideration and co-operation 

Stuart & Jo